AI Cube Alexa Skills Smart Speaker

Huawei launches its first Alexa smart speaker


Huawei launces his first smart speaker – AI Cub – as it looks to challenge the likes of Google and Apple. But Huawei has tried to differentiate itself from the competition by building in a 4G mobile internet router.
That means people will be able to use it like a Wi-Fi hub as well.
Design-wise, the AI Cube looks like a taller Google Home, with a set of control buttons on top.
It’s not small: it weighs 900g and is 218mm tall.
It’s got four microphones for voice input and only a single, 15W mono speaker, so don’t expect some crazy stereo surround effects here.
Amazon Alexa is built into Huawei’s device, that includes the numerous “skills” or apps that developers are building on Alexa. Huawei currently does not have its own voice assistant technology.
The AI Cube will be launched in Europe first, during this Christmas season. It’s not coming to the U.S. and it’s not coming to China, at least not in this iteration. Prices will be announced at a later date.

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